Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The masks are now back from the great journey around in USA... I am so grateful to all of you that has been part of this journey and all the great thoughts, films and photos you have shared with us here on the blog. Thank you !!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Katarina Erikssons films

Friday, June 25, 2010
A couple of texts that came out of a day with the masks and my friend Rowena Richie at the parking lot of Marin Headland Hostel
Keeping Peace in Place

On a bench, watching the birds. Throwing things at them - not food. Hearing the sounds, annoyed.
Keep my peace in peace! I'm just sitting here, tending to the things; the inner orchestra, the birds, the wind. It's a lot to keep track of, you know. Don't come here and add, godammit. This is my work - to feel the feathers and hear the birds. To reflect the sun onto my toes so that they stay warm and safe. Conducting the inner orchestra with full attention and much feeling. Then rest and reflect the sun.
Somebody there to disturb the order. I throw my things at them to show where my space is. Where my work happens. The seated work. The waiting and listening. It is all important for keeping things in order, and peace in place.

Katarina Eriksson, June 17, 2010


The cardboard house is where I live and find things to use or discard. The outside world is hard to understand. That stinky house is where I belong. So many years has passed since anybody came to visit, and I can't really remember anymore where I was, or who I was, before this.
Squirrels like the same kind of stuff as I, so I have to watch out and not be too friendly.
Today is a good day. I found a butter pack and some pine cones. The air is warm and the cars stay still.

Katarina Eriksson, June 17, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meeting the public at the festival.

Mask exchange

Ingrid & I met at Grand Central Station, where I take the masks on the next chapter of their journey.

They are coming to join us in an International theatre festival. Where the actors will get to play with the masks to help them in their character development & then the masks come during intermission to meet the audience.

The festival runs 21-29 July in Queens NYC.

Come & meet the masks if you are in NYC, they are a joy to meet & I am so looking forward to our New York adventures :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Tonight the masks join our festival WHICH DIRECTION HOME? We are so excited to bring these two journeys together. The festival is inspired by Homer's Odyssey, 8 International directors explore the themes of the Odyssey in 8 wholey direrent perspectives: Come along & see the shows and meet the masks during instant theatre, where the masks will take the audience on a journey of their own :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 17 2010
Times Square - what a wonderful high tech super crowded blinking and noisy neon filled finale!

Thank you masks, thank you Torbjorn, thank you all who have joined me on this journey!!!!!!!!!!
I'm feeling very sad to have to part with the masks. We're very close.
"...vem kan skiljas fran vannen sin utan att falla tarar..."
We've filmed some amazing moments, meetings and stories while exploring New York City! The editing will take some time but eventually you will be able to see our film "Mask in the City". So stay tuned!! Coming soon!

And now...
the masks are moving on to new adventures!

Bon voyage, dear friends. I will miss you!
Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz

We walked over to The Barrymore Theatre as they were letting out after the evening show. People were waiting at the stage door to get a glimpse of some of the Broadway stars. I was the star for others...who paid me $2.00 to have their picture taken with me!

Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz

The beat of Times Square makes me want to dance and celebrate this last evening of my journey!

Watching myself appear on a giant neon sign.

July 17 2010, Times Square

The pulse of the city! The heart of the city!
Neon lights, blinking signs, Broadway shows, sales people, tourists, New Yorkers, entertainers - all in a big mix. The energy is both contagious and draining.

" New York New York big city of dreams and everything in New York ain't always what it seems..." as Grandmaster Flash said.

Wendy Davidson and I managed to get our pictures up on a giant neon billboard smack in the center of Times Square!

We walked up 5th Ave to the Flat Iron building on 23rd St. Spent a few moments with the Horizon Man sculpture (he can be seen on roof tops all over the city) before heading into Madison Park. A little girl started crying from fear of us so we decided to take the bus cross town. It was time for November Holly to leave us.
Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz

November Holly and Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz.

Photos by Wendy Davidson.

It was as if the mask had been waiting for November Holly! She joined me for a dance on a fire escape on East 17th Street.
Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz

At the Green Market, Union Square
Photo by November Holly

MARIA LINDELL med Gudruns mask

Maskernas Resa

Plötsligt såg jag mig själv i ditt ansikte av trä och pergament, och jag började berätta ... "